Booster Club Information

Responsibilities & Code of Conduct
Parent/Guardian Responsibilities


Attendance:  Please have your gymnast arrive at the gym on time for practice unless other arrangements have been made with the gymnastics coordinator.

Drop Off/ Pick Up: All Team members will be dropped off at the bottom door on Lee Street. Please remain in your car until 5 minutes before class. All compulsory team members will be dismissed at the bottom door on Lee Street. Please remain in your car, Coaches will dismiss at the door. 

All Spectators (parents, siblings, and friends):  All parents/ spectators must enter through the top doors. They must remain in the bleachers. Please follow the signage, tornado markers for proper social distancing. Permission for communication with your gymnast should be obtained from the coach.  It is important that all children in the bleachers remain quiet.

Sanitation: All who enter the gym must use hand sanitizer on entrance.

PLEASE stay home if you or any immediate household member is ill or not feeling well.


Schedule:  The competitive times, scheduled by the host team, are determined by the number of levels, entries and in some cases, age groups.  While the weekend dates are on the calendar, the competitive times may not be known until the week of the competition. Our coaches will let you know times as soon as they receive them.

End of Competition:  Competition is not over until the last competitor has finished and the gymnasts are released to the awards ceremony.  The meet is not over until all awards are presented. Gymnasts cannot leave the meet until all awards are complete.

Known Absences: Require prior coaches knowledge and approval

Treasurer Guidelines for Reimbursement and Committee Budgets

Receipts and requests for reimbursement must be received within 14 days from the time of purchase, or you will not be reimbursed.  At that point in time, your expense will be considered a donation to the Booster Club.

All requests for reimbursement must have a valid (original) receipt or an invoice from the vendor or store and must be itemized on the reimbursement form.  All expenditures must have prior approval by the President or Vice President.  Please be very careful and keep track of your receipts.

The form for reimbursement is posted under the Booster Club section of the Twisters website,

Booster Club Fee Structure

Sponsorship/Booster Club Fee:  The fees are to partially offset the cost of meet entry fees, expenses, coaches’ fees, and coaches travel expenses during the season. You may personally pay for the fee or reduce the amount of your expenditure by securing sponsorships as explained in the sponsorship section of the Cartersville Twisters website.  There will also be fundraising opportunities you may choose to participate in throughout the year.

Sponsorship money collected from businesses and individuals turned in as sponsorship money on the sponsorship form, is credited only to sponsorship fees.  Any overage of sponsorship funds will be credited to the Booster Club general fund.

Sponsorship money cannot be used for the cost of uniforms or any other item specific to your gymnast.

Team/Level fundraising money will be credited to that specific team/level as a whole.  This money can be used to pay any gymnastics fee that goes through the Booster Club, including sponsorship fees.

Uniform costs will be provided to each family as soon as possible. The cost of uniforms is over and above sponsorship fees and must be paid 50% at time of order, and remainder before the item is issued to your child. 

Session tuition is the family’s responsibility to pay directly to the City of Cartersville Parks and Recreation Department.  The Booster Club is not involved in payments for tuition.

ALL fees must be paid PRIOR to competition.  Failure to do so will result in the inability for the gymnast to compete.

All booster club forms and registration forms are due! Please bring them in ASAP.

The money that is included in your yearly Booster Club fees allows your gymnast to attend meets, provides for the coaching fees and travel expenses, and allows for the gym to offer a Christmas Party and End of the Year Banquet. Please make sure to read through all of the documents below and have your first payment into the Booster Club no later than September 15, 2022. 

Fundraisers are in the works: information will be sent out soon.

Financial and Time Requirements

Training Fees: Session gym/coaching fees must be paid to the City of Cartersville Parks and Recreation Department.  Fees are due by the first day of each month. Sessions are one month periods.  Call the park at (770) 387-5627 if you have any questions.  

Booster Club Fees: 
This yearly fee may be paid directly, by the sale of sponsorships, and/or any board-approved fundraising opportunities.  See the “Booster Club Fees” page for specific fees and rules for obtaining sponsorships.

Working at Meets: Parents must work all of the meets we host whether their child is competing or not.  The work assignment poster sign up date and time will be announced via email. The number of sessions that each family will be required to work will be determined prior to each meet.  Sign up is on a first come, first serve basis.  If parents do not fulfill their obligation they will be required to pay a fine of $100 per session missed.

Additional Clinics:  Clinics and mini-camps are sometimes available over and above the regular schedule.  Attendance is optional and at the family’s expense.

Home of the Twisters

Booster Club Committees and Descriptions

Committee Chairs are voluntary positions and are appointed by the Executive Committee and are for a period of one year.   Please let the Executive Committee know if you are interested in becoming a Committee Chair.   Briefly, here are our committees.

Awards Committee:  Handles awards (including Announcing awards at the meets), goody bags and timing at meets.  Orders all medals and/or trophies for each home meet.   Also orders awards for the end of the year banquet.  

Concession Committee:  Handles the concession area, including purchasing of food and drinks, and is responsible for coordination of food vendors at larger meets.

Hospitality Committee:  Handles the catering of food for judges and coaches, coordinates snack and drinks, and decorations for the meet including judge’s tables, etc. Preferably try to get donations of food or supplies when possible. 

Sponsorship Committee:  Handles sign placement for meets, prepares the programs for the meets, selling of admissions and Twister Grams at meets, and miscellaneous advertising.

Sales Committee:  Handles the ordering of merchandise for the sales table at the meets and works with the Executive Committee for the end of the year banquet giveaways. Also handles retail sales of leo’s and shorts in gym for purchase

Responsibilities & Code of Conduct

​Athlete Responsibilities

The gymnasts who are members of our competitive teams have a special talent and the potential to become very good gymnasts.  It takes practice, determination, and dedication to develop this potential.  As a team member, you are expected to be supportive and friendly to everyone at the gym and maintain a good attitude toward the coaches, other gymnasts, judges, and yourself while focusing on doing your best at all times.

Gymnasts are required to attend all practices, training events, and competitions for which they are eligible and qualified.

If your child or any immediate household member is ill, please stay home. Please contact the coaches to let them know, an absence for illness will be excused. 

Any gymnast who quits the team for any reason may be allowed to return one time only, at the discretion of the Gymnastics Coordinator.  The second time is final.

The developmental program will be available to those who wish to participate for strictly recreational purposes.

Social Media accounts that utilize the CTG, Cartersville Gymnastics, or Cartersville Twisters or any other likeness in its name are strictly prohibited from being opened. If a post (photo or video) is made, you may “tag” the gym/CTG in the post. Social media bullying of any type will not be tolerated by athletes or their families.


Attendance:  It is mandatory that you attend ALL practices on time and in their entirety and follow coaches rules while doing your very best in order to develop into the best gymnast you can.  This includes summer practices as this is an intense training time.  

Absence:  If a gymnast will be absent for any reason this absence should be excused by submitting an absence form in writing prior to practice (or calling or emailing the gym--If a gymnast is ill the coach should be notified).

Training Areas:  Only team members are permitted in the workout area.  Gymnasts are not allowed to work out or use equipment (including the pit) unless a coach or an instructor is present and aware.

  Gymnasts must go to the event the coaches send them to and stay there until directed to leave.

  Do not leave to get water, go to the restroom, use the telephone, or talk to friends or parents, etc. without asking. 

 Practice in a safe manner without horseplay or trying tricks or breaking any of the gym rules. 

 Breaking gym rules will result in penalties.  

Tardiness will not excuse the gymnast from warm-up, conditioning, etc.  Report to the coach before joining the group. 

 The pit can be dangerous.  No headfirst entry allowed.  Use only with specific instructions from the coaches.

  Gymnasts must stay in the workout area during practice time and bleachers at other times.  Do not enter the offices without permission. 

 NEVER leave the building without telling a coach.

Focus and Attitude:  It is your job to follow coaching directions and remain focused, do not be a distraction to others and work hard during practices.  This will allow you to improve faster.  Remember to be supportive to your teammates.

Attire:  You must be in practice attire with hair fixed when practice begins.  Female gymnasts must wear leotards that fit properly without shirts and baggy shorts.  No two piece leotards allowed.  Male gymnasts must wear proper practice attire.  No jewelry is allowed for practice or competition except post earrings.  Be prepared and have everything you need: your own grips, under wrap, tape, etc.  The gym supplies are for emergencies only.

Keep the Gym Clean:  All food and drinks should be opened and consumed upstairs, not over carpeted areas or downstairs.  ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK IN THE RESTROOMS OR DRESSING ROOMS.  Please use trash cans to dispose of tape, under wrap, etc.  When you see trash, PLEASE PICK IT UP.

Sanitation: All gymnasts must use Hand sanitizer upon entering the gym, at each station, and after using the restroom. In addition each station is to be cleaned after each use. The toilet must be cleaned after each use. 

General Well Being:  If you are sick or hurt, it is your responsibility to tell the coach.  Be clear and specific in telling them exactly what is wrong so they will know how to best assist and advise you.  Make sure you keep up your grades.  Coaching staff will support parents’ decisions regarding participation when grades are suffering.


Participation:  The gymnast is required to compete in all scheduled meets. Failure to attend meets without prior coaches approval could result in dismissal from the team program.  Six week notice is required before a meet if the gymnast is unable to compete.  If the gymnast elects not to compete once the gymnast is entered in a meet and the entry fee is paid, the gymnast must reimburse the Booster Club for all expenses incurred for the gymnast (entry fee, etc.)

Arrive:  Be on time, prepared to compete with proper uniform and hair fixed.  It is important that the gymnast look good for the meet with a clean uniform, leotard, and warm up suit.  You may not wear a sports bra if the straps are visible.  No jewelry other than one pair of post earrings, makeup in moderation is permitted, no nail polish (it is also a deduction).

Behavior:  During meets and while traveling to and from meets, gymnasts must conduct themselves in an appropriate and disciplined manner.

During the Meet:  No eating or drinking during warm-up and competition without the permission of the coach.  Stay at your event.  Never go to your parents without permission from the coach.  Do not sit in anyone’s lap—coach, teammate, or friend.  Show respect for ALL gymnasts and be supportive of your teammates.  Crying (unless due to injury) is not acceptable in the competitive area.  Remember your number and be ready to compete when you are called.  You should REFUSE TO COMPETE if another number or name is called.

Awards:  Wear your uniform and a pair of white socks during awards.  Do not carry to the award stands gum, candy, stuffed animals, or other toys.  You must stay for ALL awards.  Show a positive attitude whatever the outcome.  Your behavior reflects on our team and program so be on your best behavior! Travel Meets:  When travel meets are planned you will be given a set of rules that include expected behavior, a schedule, and what you will need to bring.  You must obey these guidelines in order to attend and compete at the travel meets we plan.  Attending these meets can be a lot of fun, but it is a privilege and intended for team building and growth as an athlete, not vacation time, and should be treated as such.  Depending upon the structure of the meet planned, parents may be called upon to chaperone.  Details for each meet will be communicated at the time you are given your schedule for the season.