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cartersville gymnastics
Cartersville Twisters Gymnastics

President - Logan Johnston

Booster Club

The Cartersville Twisters Gymnastics Booster Club is a volunteer group of parents who come together to help with Competitive Team funding. By hosting 3 meets and a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, the Booster Club is able to create opportunities for gymnasts and help keep the gym current by donating funds to equipment replacement and upgrades.  The Booster club also provides support to not only our gymnasts but also the coaches and help create a welcoming environment to best promote the gym. 

The Booster club organizes and maintains 3 successful boys and girls meets as well as variety of team bonding activities throughout the year.  As a fund raising group, the team gymnasts rely on the Booster Club for their success!

Treasurer - Allen Sanders

Vice-President - Ericka Zwettler

Secretary - Monica Maddox